Downloadable DOTD Hydraulics Computer Software


The Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development has developed several computer programs for use in hydraulics design. They are being made available to consultants who have contracts with the Department for use with those contracts.

They are based on the guidelines and procedures described in the "LA DOTD Hydraulics Manual", (2011 Edition).

The programs have also been modified to use either English or metric units. The metric conversion factor used for pipe sizes is 1 inch = 25 mm. For other dimensions, the conversion factor used is 1 meter = 39.37 inches. These programs will not convert English units to metric units or metric units to English units. They will, however, enable you to work in either set of units depending on your design needs.

Restrictions and Disclaimer

The HYDR Programs have been developed by the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development (LA DOTD) for the design of projects conducted by the Department. They are in accordance with the guidelines set in the "LA DOTD Hydraulics Manual" (1987 Edition). They are available upon request to consultants under contract with LA DOTD.

Neither the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development nor the programmers shall bear any responsibility for any errors that may occur in the use of these programs other than for state projects under contract with the Department.

The Department also retains the right to revise, replace, or terminate the use of these programs at any time.

If there are any questions or problems with the HYDR Programs, please contact the Hydraulics Section at (225) 379-1306.

Download and Installation (Windows)

  • Click on Save it and run it on your PC.
  • By default all files will be extracted into c:\ladotd\hydr2009. You can accept this default or change the folder name.  Click the Extract button.
  • You should now have a shortcut to hydr2009 on your desktop and in the start programs folder.
Note: The programs and the installation procedures have been revised for Windows Vista and Windows 7. You no longer have to be an administrator to do the installation.
If you have any problems with installation email: contact us.
(Nov, 2009)
October 10, 1997
Revised July 16, 1998
Revised August 21, 1998
Revised November 30, 2009

Revision History:

  • 1997-08-05 - HYDR6020 - Allow more digits in pipe size
  • 1997-08-17 - HYDR1110 - Fixed data storage error
  • 1997-08-17 - ALL - Added "Print to File" option, other print enhancements
  • 1997-09-27 - HYDR6020 - Corrected title for Velocity Head Coefficient
  • 1998-07-15 - ALL - Converted to Windows NT/95
  • 1998-07-15 - ALL - Added Edit/Repeat to menu
  • 1998-08-21 - HYDR6000 & HYDR6020 - fixed the rainfall intensity for a 5-year return period.