Water Resources Permit Advisory Program

The purpose of this program is to review and comment upon permit requests by individuals, companies, and governmental bodies concerning diverse projects which might impact levee systems, wetlands, and/or waterways. This is an advisory program (not a regulatory program) which assists permitting authorities by providing a technical review of permit applications which are submitted to them for approval. Primary among these permitting authorities are the levee boards, other state agencies and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Particular areas of concern in the review include a project's potential impact on the area drainage, assurance of the integrity of levee systems within the project area, and the assurance of public safety at navigable waterways within the project area.
This advisory program ensures statewide uniformity of permit conditions relating to compliance with state law (i.e., Title 38 Levee District Laws) and acceptable engineering practices within the primary realms of concern cited above.
This unit is not a permitting agency, however we review written requests that have been submitted to specific permitting agencies, also known as Regulatory Authorities. These requests are submitted by the Public, or other governmental entities, regarding proposed activities occurring near levee systems, waterways and/or wetlands.
After reviewing the submitted requests an advisory letter is issued to the Regulatory Authority. There are three types of advisory letters we issue:
  1. Letter of No Objection- states that this department has determined no negative impact is foreseen arising from the proposed activity, but may also include specific provisions that this department wishes to have incorporated into the permit issued by the Regulatory Authority.
  2. Letter of Recommendation- states that this department recommends against issuing a permit for the proposed activity, however if a permit is issued that it includes a set of specified provisions.
  3. Letter of Objection- states an objection to the proposed activity, and usually specifies the specific reason(s) why the department is objecting.
Location Information
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225-379-3009Levee Safety Program Manager / Engineer

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