Statewide Flood Control Program

The Statewide Flood Control Program is designed to help solve flood problems through an active, innovative approach. This Program uses state funds allocated each year by the Legislature to assist in the construction of flood control infrastructure. Eligible projects for consideration must reduce existing flood damages. Potential projects include measures to reduce or eliminate the incidence of flooding or damages in specific area; for example, channel modifications;​ levee, canal, and spillway construction; stormwater detention; flood proofing of structure; regulation of floodplains; relocation assistance; or other structural or non-structural measures.

Statewide Flood Control Program Fact Sheet​

Louisiana Statewide Flood Control Program - Guidelines and Procedures - 2020 Revision.pdfStatewide Flood Control Program - Guidelines and Procedures - 2020

Procedural Manual for Funded Projects - 2020 Edition.pdfProcedural Manual for Funded Projects - 2020




225-379-3027Statewide Flood Control Program Manager
225-379-3026DOTD Hydraulics Design Engineer Administrator
225-379-3010Deputy Assistant Secretary, OPW

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