Statewide Training and Technical Assistance Program

Description: Provides a source of funding to assist in the design and implementation of training and technical assistance projects and other support services tailored to meet the specific needs of transit operators in nonurbanized areas. The objective of the Statewide Training and Technical Assistance Program are:

    • To promote the safe and effective delivery of public transportation in nonurbanized areas and to make more efficient use of public and private resources.
    • To foster the development of state and local capacity for addressing the training and technical assistance needs of the transportation community.
    • To improve the quality of information and technical assistance available through the development of training and technical assistance resource materials.
    • To facilitate peer-to-peer self help through the development of local networks of transit professionals.
    • To support the coordination of public, private, specialized, and human service transportation services.

Eligible Recipients: Local government and local transit operators

Allocation of Funding: FTA allocates funds to the states based on an administrative formula. The forumla first allocates $65,000 to each of the states and Puerto Rico, and $10,000 to the Insular Areas of Guam, American Samoa, Northern Marianas, and the Virgin Islands and then distributes the balance according to nonurbanized population of the states.

Match: There is no Federal requirements for a local match.

Funding Availability: Year appropriated plus two years (total of three years)

For More Information Contact: Juanita Crotwell