​Elderly and Persons with Disabilities Program (49 USC 5310)

Description: To provide financial assistance in meeting the transportation needs of elderly persons and person with disabilities where public transportation services are unavailable, insufficient or inappropriate in all areas - urbanized, small urban, and rural

Eligible Recipients: States apply for funds on behalf of local private non-profit agencies and certain public bodies.

Eligible Purposes: Capital projects are eligible for funding. Although the Federal program allows for additional capital-related assistance, the DOTD limits funding to the acquisition of buses, vans or other paratransit vehicles which meet DOTD specifications; and the acquisition of wheelchair lifts and restraints.

Allocation of Funding: Funds are allocated among the States by a formula based on population of elderly persons and persons with disabilities.

Match: 85 percent Federal and 15 percent local

Funding Availability: Year of appropriation (one year).

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