Bridge Management

The Bridge Management Unit monitors the performance of Louisiana’s bridge structures. Accomplished by measuring the bridge conditions and recommending an optimal preservation policy, predicting needs and performance measures. Data is collected by DOTD District Bridge Maintenance Inspectors.

LADOTD uses AASHTOWare Bridge Management (BrM) (& its predecessor Pontis) which has been used as the primary bridge management software for transportation agencies for 30 years across the United States and internationally.  BrM is currently licensed by over 50 public agencies.

State DOTs and other transportation agencies across the country use the AASHTOWare BrM software for asset management. The goal of the BrM software is to ensure real-time decisions are accurately and consistently made to improve the safety and longevity of critical bridge assets.  BrM has been significantly improved in recent years as multiple agencies have funded large scale efforts to improve the management and forecasting functionality within BrM.​




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