Geotechnical Unit

The Geotechnical unit is responsible for providing recommendations for the design and construction of bridge foundations, retaining walls, sheet piles, spillways, roadway embankments, Geosynthetic reinforcement systems, and earth dams for the statewide DOTD system. These responsibilities include determining pile lengths, performing embankment stability analysis, predicting embankment settlements, performing wave equation analyses for pile driving, designing sheet piles, and producing other geotechnical related designs.


Field monitoring data is obtained from the Pile Driving Analyzer and recommendations are based on pile stresses, pile integrity, and pile capacity.  These field monitoring services are provided to our Construction and Maintenance Divisions.


Pile and Drilled Shaft load tests are analyzed and recommendations for pile/shaft order lengths are provided to our Construction Division.



 DOTD Contacts WS


225-379-1935Assistant Geotechnical Administrator
225-379-1004Geotechnical Engineer Manager