Contracts - Scope of Services

The consultant may perform geotechnical investigations consisting of soil borings, laboratory testing, optional cone penetrometer test (CPT) soundings, soil classification, and a Geotechnical Data Report (GDR).  The geotechnical exploration services to be provided shall include, but are not limited to:

    • Performing field reconnaissance (including obtaining all rights of entry, utility locations, access, etc.);
    • Obtaining and coordinating traffic control;
    • Mobilization/demobilization of all equipment necessary to perform the work;
    • Performing deep borings, CPT soundings, and shallow subgrade soil survey borings;
    • Performing Thin-Walled Tube Sampling of Soils (ASTM D1587) and Standard Penetration Tests and Split-Barrel Sampling of Soils (ASTM D1586);
    • Reporting water table readings;
    • Sealing boreholes in accordance with all applicable regulations;
    • Reporting surveyed latitude and longitude and natural ground elevation of boring locations surveyed by a Professional Land Surveyor licensed in Louisiana;
    • Performing relevant laboratory testing;
    • Classifying soils according to the visual-manual method (field/extrusion logs), Unified Soil Classification System (deep/bridge borings), and AASHTO classification system (soil subgrade survey borings);
    • Drafting soil boring logs;
    • Digital submittal of all test data in the LADOTD’s standard format; and
    • Submittal of Geotechnical Data Reports.
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