Approved Materials List 

Information from the Approved Materials List is pulled from the SiteManager database in real-time.  The database is maintained by the DOTD Materials Section for use by the Department of Transportation and Development.  Its purpose is to make the Approved Materials List of products available to construction and maintenance personnel for use on Department projects.
Inclusion of a product on the Approved Materials List is not a blanket approval for the use of that product in a Department project, as all products are still subject to all other project requirements.  This list shall be used in conjunction with the Materials Sampling Manual, Standard Specifications, Supplemental Specifications, Special Provisions, Maintenance Specifications, plans, and all supplementary documents effective at the time of usage.
Extra care should be taken to ensure that reference is made to the Approved Materials List at the time of usage, regardless of the formulation data on the list and the letting date of a contract.  (The time of usage is defined as the date of the Department's Inspection and Acceptance of the product for a specific project or purchase order).
The Qualified Products List Manual was replaced with the Approved Materials List on October 1, 2014.  Information from the Approved Materials List will be obtained using our reports below to pull the data you need directly from the SiteManager database in real-time.  The Approved Materials List for Aggregates is a separate report.