Approved Materials List - Forms

To have a material evaluated for approval to be listed in the Approved Materials Lists (AMLs), a representative of the manufacturer must submit a completed “Approved Materials Evaluation Form.” An official of the manufacturer (not the distributor) must sign the form indicating that they understand the requirements for approval that are listed in the Qualification Procedure for that AML. Links to each Approved Materials form can be found below.

For aggregate producers, please note that there is a different form to use: the “Preliminary Information Form for Aggregate Source Approval.” This form requires additional information pertinent to the aggregate source and the mining operations. There is a space for a local distributor to sign, but it must also be signed by an official of the company that operates the quarry.

While fax copies are acceptable for review and confirmation of the necessary information, the original signed form must be submitted to the AML coordinator prior to the evaluation. Also, please include a copy of the form in each container or shipment of the samples submitted for evaluation.

Refer to each Qualification Procedure for information concerning the size and type of sample(s) to be submitted.

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