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The Louisiana Department of Transportation has committed to providing an On-the-Job (OJT) Supportive Services Program that will educate and train the Highway, Street and Bridge (HSB) construction Contractors about the OJT Program to expand the pool of qualified workers within the transportation industry. A portion of the 23 Code of Federal Regulations 230, Appendix B to Subpart A states the following:

As part of the Contractor’s equal employment opportunity affirmative action program, training shall be provided as follows: The Contractor shall provide on-the-job training aimed at developing full journeypersons in the type of trades or job classifications involved.

LADOTD has selected Global Quality & Engineering Consulting (Global) to assist LADOTD with implementing the OJT program. The goal is to assist in the education and training of the HSB Contractors to increase the number of minorities, women, disadvantaged individuals and protected veterans in the construction workforce. Global will assist LADOTD in striving to accomplish their OJT annual goal. Global will work with LADOTD in the reporting processes required by the Federal Highway Administration with regards to monitoring and tracking of the highway OJT goal in the construction projects.

As the OJT Supportive Services Consultant, Global is committed to the following objectives:

    • Assist in the promotion of the OJT Program by scheduling and hosting public forums to advise Prime Contractors of the OJT Program requirements.
    • Develop literature (e.g., flyer and brochures) regarding the OJT Program which can be distributed to the Prime Contractors.
    • Train Prime Contractors in the OJT Program requirements (e.g., completion of the various OJT Program forms, explaining when to submit and to whom).
    • ­­Observe and identify problems in the departmental implementation of the OJT Program and develop proposed corrective actions.
    • Assist Prime Contractors with outreach, recruitment, retainage and enrollment of the OJT Program participants.

Global's OJT Supportive Services staff consists of:

Sumathi Ravindraraj, P.E., CPCC, Project Manager

Timeisha Holland, Project Assistant


For assistance, please call:

Global Quality & Engineering Consulting
Sumathi Ravindraraj, P.E., CPCC

(717) 795-1073


For further information on our Supportive Services Program, please contact Paula Roddy, Compliance Programs Director, (225) 379-1382, Paula.Roddy@la.gov.


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