Traffic Services

The mission of the Traffic Services Section is to provide emergency traffic response, traffic signal control construction, traffic signal control inspection of private contract projects within State rights-of-way, and management of Interstate stripping and signage to the Department’s Districts. We serve as the subject matter experts on all traffic control devices, including signals, signing, and pavement markings.

Primary Responsibilities of Traffic Services:
  • Provide emergency services to repair damaged or destroyed traffic signals as a result of vehicular accidents, weather, vandalism, etc.
  • Perform traffic signal construction and modification as required by the Districts.
  • Provide construction inspection and design review of traffic signal control improvements performed by private contract.
  • Fabricate and repair Interstate signage.
  • Write traffic signal control and signage specifications.
  • Fabricate non-standard roadway special signs for Districts.
  • Develop training materials and coordinate training events.
  • Evaluate new products and construction techniques.









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