​Bridge Maintenance and Inspections

There are nearly 13,000 bridges in Louisiana, approximately 7,900 state-owned and 5,000 locally owned. DOTD is responsible for performing inspections on all of these bridges at least every two years, or more frequently if deemed necessary.

During an inspection, DOTD's bridge inspectors examine various elements of a bridge such as the bridge’s substructure (piers, columns, etc.), superstructure (girders, trusses, etc.) and decking (roadway surface, bridge rails, etc.).

DOTD’s first priority is always safety, and we continue to inspect bridges around the state to make sure that they are safe for the public’s use.

If there is a significant condition change, the frequency of inspection is increased; load limits posted and/or bridges are closed as appropriate.

If a bridge is deemed unsafe during an inspection, DOTD will close it until it can be repaired or replaced.  


 DOTD Contacts WS


225-379-1500Bridge Maintenance Administrator
225-379-1329Bridge Inspection Engineer
225-379-1027Off-System & Timber Load Rating Engineer
225-379-1306ENGINEER 6
225-379-1962Facilities & Movable Bridges Maintenance Manager

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