Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality Improvement Program (CMAQ)

The purpose of the CMAQ program is to support transportation projects or programs that will improve air quality and relieve congestion in areas that do not meet National Ambient Air Quality Standards. Reducing pollution and other adverse environmental effects of transportation projects and transportation system inefficiency have been longstanding objectives of the Department of Transportation. CMAQ funds may be used to establish new or expanded transportation projects or programs that reduce emissions, including capital investments in transportation infrastructure, congestion relief efforts and diesel engine retrofits. Other CMAQ projects include operating assistance for new transit services, travel demand management (TDM) strategies, traffic flow improvement programs that reduce emissions and bicycle/pedestrian facilities and programs.

Recent Updates From FHWA

CMAQ Interim Program Guidance Nov. 2013.pdfCMAQ Interim Program Guidance Nov. 20139/5/2014 8:15 AM445 KB
CMAQ Selection Process.pdfCMAQ Selection Process2/28/2014 1:43 PM112 KB

As of August 2017, the CMAQ program is suspended and no new project applications will be accepted. Existing projects will be completed.