State Highway Functional Classification

These maps have been prepared by the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development, Office of Multimodal Planning in cooperation with the U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration. They were created from a GIS environment in the Transverse Mercator Projection, North America Datum 1983 UTM Zone 15N coordinate system. Each map is available as an image in the Adobe Acrobat Reader .pdf format. Although these maps were designed for large format plotters, by using Adobe Acrobat Reader version 6.0 or later, they may be printed to any desired size. 

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FHWA Highway Functional Classification Concepts, Criteria and Procedures
LADOTD District Info
MPO Info
Police Jury Association
Louisiana Planning District Info
LADOTD Estimated AADT Counts


MPO Boundary Maps (Signed)


Alexandria.pdfAlexandria12/9/2013 2:42 PM2125 KB
Baton Rouge.pdfBaton Rouge12/9/2013 2:42 PM938 KB
Hammond.pdfHammond7/13/2016 6:53 AM5455 KB
Houma.pdfHouma12/9/2013 2:42 PM2338 KB
Lafayette.pdfLafayette12/9/2013 2:42 PM1652 KB
Lake Charles.pdfLake Charles12/9/2013 2:42 PM1814 KB
Monroe.pdfMonroe12/9/2013 2:42 PM2035 KB
New Orleans.pdfNew Orleans12/9/2013 2:42 PM839 KB
Shreveport.pdfShreveport11/18/2019 9:14 AM7280 KB
Mandeville-Covington.pdfMandeville-Covington9/10/2014 7:55 AM2032 KB
Slidell.pdfSlidell9/10/2014 7:55 AM1579 KB
State_MPA_Urbanized_Areas.pdfState_MPA_Urbanized_Areas8/19/2021 11:19 AM2826 KB


Statewide Functional Class Map 

State_All_Functional_Systems.pdfState_All_Functional_Systems12/19/2018 1:11 PM6510 KB

 Urbanized Maps (Functional Class)

Baton_Rouge.pdfBaton_Rouge8/24/2015 2:32 PM4397 KB
Hammond.pdfHammond8/4/2016 12:55 PM2229 KB
Houma.pdfHouma2/5/2015 9:55 AM5101 KB
Lafayette.pdfLafayette2/5/2015 9:56 AM4238 KB
Lake_Charles.pdfLake_Charles2/5/2015 9:59 AM2734 KB
Mandeville_Covington.pdfMandeville_Covington2/5/2015 9:59 AM3071 KB
Monroe.pdfMonroe2/5/2015 10:00 AM3444 KB
New_Orleans.pdfNew_Orleans8/10/2015 8:47 AM4833 KB
Shreveport.pdfShreveport6/24/2020 9:20 AM12262 KB
Slidell.pdfSlidell2/5/2015 10:03 AM2817 KB
Alexandria_Pineville.pdfAlexandria_Pineville8/10/2015 8:44 AM3210 KB


Urban Maps (Functional Class)

Abbeville.pdfAbbeville2/5/2015 1:23 PM1240 KB
AmiteCity.pdfAmiteCity2/5/2015 1:23 PM1167 KB
Bastrop.pdfBastrop2/5/2015 1:23 PM1149 KB
Bogalusa.pdfBogalusa2/5/2015 1:23 PM1161 KB
BreauxBridge.pdfBreauxBridge2/5/2015 1:23 PM1584 KB
Crowley_Rayne.pdfCrowley_Rayne2/5/2015 1:23 PM1248 KB
Dequincy.pdfDequincy2/5/2015 1:23 PM965 KB
Deridder.pdfDeridder2/5/2015 1:23 PM1239 KB
Donaldsonville.pdfDonaldsonville2/5/2015 1:23 PM1454 KB
Eunice.pdfEunice2/5/2015 1:23 PM1163 KB
Ferriday_Natchez.pdfFerriday_Natchez2/5/2015 1:23 PM1320 KB
Franklin_Jeanerette.pdfFranklin_Jeanerette2/5/2015 1:23 PM1783 KB
Galliano.pdfGalliano2/5/2015 1:23 PM2389 KB
Gramercy_Lutcher.pdfGramercy_Lutcher2/5/2015 1:23 PM1382 KB
Jennings.pdfJennings2/5/2015 1:23 PM1098 KB
Jonesboro.pdfJonesboro2/5/2015 1:23 PM1084 KB
LakeProvidence.pdfLakeProvidence2/5/2015 1:23 PM1091 KB
Leesville_FortPolk.pdfLeesville_FortPolk2/5/2015 1:23 PM1316 KB
Mansfield.pdfMansfield2/5/2015 1:23 PM968 KB
Marksville.pdfMarksville2/5/2015 1:23 PM1408 KB
Minden.pdfMinden8/10/2015 8:48 AM1388 KB
MorganCity.pdfMorganCity2/5/2015 1:23 PM1391 KB
Natchitoches.pdfNatchitoches2/5/2015 1:23 PM1297 KB
NewRoads.pdfNewRoads2/5/2015 1:23 PM1293 KB
Oakdale.pdfOakdale2/5/2015 1:23 PM1156 KB
Opelousas.pdfOpelousas2/5/2015 1:23 PM1472 KB
Ruston.pdfRuston2/5/2015 1:23 PM1392 KB
Springhill.pdfSpringhill2/5/2015 1:23 PM1132 KB
StMartinville.pdfStMartinville2/5/2015 1:23 PM1128 KB
Tallulah.pdfTallulah2/5/2015 1:23 PM990 KB
Vicksburg.pdfVicksburg2/5/2015 1:23 PM1140 KB
VillePlatte.pdfVillePlatte2/5/2015 1:23 PM1115 KB
Winnfield.pdfWinnfield2/5/2015 1:23 PM1032 KB
Winnsboro.pdfWinnsboro2/5/2015 1:23 PM1031 KB


Downloadable GIS Files 

_GIS Coding.pdf_GIS Coding12/9/2013 2:49 PM37 KB
Census_Urban_2010.zipCensus_Urban_201012/9/2013 2:49 PM621 KB
Census_Urbanized_2010.zipCensus_Urbanized_201012/9/2013 2:49 PM1126 KB
Urban_Areas.zipUrban_Areas10/9/2014 8:03 AM455 KB
Urbanized_Areas.zipUrbanized_Areas10/9/2014 8:03 AM431 KB
FunctionalClass_Download.zipFunctionalClass_Download8/24/2015 2:33 PM82711 KB
Metropolitan_Planning_Areas.gdb.zipMetropolitan_Planning_Areas.gdb6/11/2020 8:57 AM513 KB

 Miscellaneous Files

Urban_Areas_2010.pdfUrban_Areas_201012/9/2013 2:53 PM52 KB
FC Change Request_Form.pdfFC Change Request_Form6/19/2019 1:25 PM361 KB