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Student Employment

DOTD student programs allow students to gain valuable work experience in civil engineering and the transportation field.

Engineering Summer Program - Students work full-time from June to August for eleven weeks. Applications are accepted December 1 until February 28.  Students are hired to work in construction, maintenance, road & bridge design, and other transportation related areas. Selected students must be in good academic standing with a GPA of 2.5 or above, an undergraduate junior or senior enrolled in an engineering program (please note preference may be given to those majoring in Civil Engineering), and classified as a full-time student the spring semester before the summer of employment. Students earn a salary commensurate with their academic level, experience, and ability. Send completed SF-10D (Student Employment Application) and an official transcript to LA DOTD, Recruiting Office, Human Resources, P. O. Box 94245, Baton Rouge, LA 70804

For more information on the Engineering Summer Program, call the Human Resources Recruiting Office at (225) 379-1296 or send inquiries via email to​

Co-op Program - Students are employed year-round in positions related to their major engineering field of study: civil, mechanical, environmental, electrical, industrial, or chemical engineering.

Applications are accepted for semester terms beginning on the following dates (until positions are filled): June 1, for the Fall Semester; November 1, for the Spring Semester; and April 1, for the Summer Semester.

Applications are accepted for quarter semester beginning on the following dates (until positions are filled): June 1, for the Fall Quarter; October 1, for the Winter Quarter; January 1, for the Spring Quarter; and April 1, for the Summer Quarter.

Selected students must have the endorsement of their university and must be an undergraduate junior or senior in one of the acceptable disciplines of engineering. Prior to acceptance into the program, a work assignment must be determined and mutually accepted by LADOTD, the university, and the student. In addition to the opportunity to receive university academic credit, participating students earn a salary commensurate with their academic level, experience, and ability. Send completed SF-10D (Student Employment Application), an official transcript, and letter of endorsement to LTRC, Director of Co-op, 4101 Gourrier Avenue, Baton Rouge, LA 70808.

Eligibility Requirement:
Must be a Louisiana resident and attending an accredited college or university in the State of Louisiana.

For more information on the Co-op Program, call the Education Outreach Program Manager at (225) 767-9141 or send inquiries via email to​.