Memorial Highways and Bridges

The first record of Louisiana dedicating state highways began when it joined the nationwide Blue Star Memorial Highway system in 1948. The garden club sponsored program paid tribute to the U.S. armed forces with flowers and markers that were installed along the highways.  As of 2018, Louisiana’s Legislature has passed over 150 Acts and dedicated more than 200 roads to memorialize individuals or groups by naming highways and bridges throughout the state.  


General Guidelines

With the passage of R.S. 48:192, the exclusive right to name (or memorialize) state highways and bridges was given to the Louisiana Legislature. When laws are passed requesting signs to publicize the naming of those highways and bridges, DOTD must adhere to the standards within the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD), as well as various laws and policies as they pertain to highway signing.

All Louisiana state highways have a route designation and are signed with this route designation system. When state routes pass through municipalities, these routes also bear local street names. The installation and maintenance of these street name signs, as well as intersecting street name signs, is the responsibility of the local governing body and therefore may be modified without approval of the state. In order for the Department to change the name on Interstate exit guide signs, official action is necessary from the local governing body.

The naming or numbering of parish roads is completely under the jurisdiction of the parish. Parish roads name signs may be installed by the parish on intersecting state routes under a traffic control permit issued by the Department. The parish agrees to maintain the signs and may change the name or number of the parish routes without approval of the state.

If you are interested in honoring an individual or organization by naming a highway in Louisiana, please contact your local representative. You can find your local representative or senator at the Louisiana State Legislature website ( More information on the specific Act that was passed to memorialize an existing highway or bridge can also be found at the Legislature site. To contact DOTD, please call customer service at (225) 379-1232 or (888) 4-LADOTD (888-452-3683) and ask for Traffic Engineering. Please see our map below to get specific information on currently dedicated highways and bridges.

Memorial Highways Publications