Testing Procedures Manual

Volume II - Part V - Chemicals

DOTD TR 507 Percent Solids of Herbicide Application Aid
DOTD TR 508 Percent Sulfur in Capping Compound
  This method is used to determine the sulfur content of sulfur mortars used for capping concrete specimens.  The loss on ignition is determined by placing the test specimen into a muffle furnace. This loss is directly related to the loss of sulfur due to combustion.
DOTD TR 509 Fiber Glass Roving
  This method determines the percent organic content, the number of strands per rove, the yards per pound of roving, and the strand thickness of fiber glass roving.
DOTD TR 518 Determination of Epoxy Equivalent Weight of Epoxy Resins and Solutions
  This method of test determines the epoxy equivalent weight of epoxy resins and solutions. The epoxy equivalent weight is significant since the physical properties of resins such as flexibility, brittleness, permeability, and adhesion are directly related to this chemical parameter.
DOTD TR 519 Determination of Amine Value of Catalyst Resins
  This method of test determines the amine value of catalyst resins for use with epoxy resins and solutions.  The amine value is defined as the resins' equivalent weight per amine group.
DOTD TR 520 Determining Percent Weight of 2, 4-Dichlorophenoxy Acetic Acid in Herbicides.
DOTD TR 521 Determining Percent Weight of MSMA Concentration in Herbicides Via ICP Atomic Emission Spectrometer
DOTD TR 523 Determination of Titanium Dioxide in White Waterborne Traffic Paint Via X-Ray Diffractometer
DOTD TR 524 Solids and Infrared Analysis (IR) of Liquid Admixtures for Portland Cement Concrete
  This method determines the percent solids of liquid portland cement concrete admixtures. The dried test specimen resulting from this method is used for infrared spectrophotometric analysis.
DOTD TR 529 Percent Lead (Pb) In Paint Chips via Induced Coupled Plasma (ICP) Spectroscopy
DOTD TR 530 Determination of Embedment Coating On Embedment Coated Glass Beads for Pavement Markings
DOTD TR 531 This method of test is used to determine the sodium oxide and potassium oxide content of fly ash for calculation of equivalent percentage of sodium oxide by weight.