Materials Sampling Manual - 2006 Specs

Table of Contents - November 2011


Part I - Construction Sampling Schedules

201 Clearing & Grubbing 202 Removing Or Relocating Structures And Obstructions
203 Excavation & Embankment 204 Temporary Erosion Control
301 Class I Base Course 302 Class II Base Course
303 In-Place Cement Stabilized Base Course 304 Lime Treatment
305 Subgrade Layer 306 Scarifying & Compacting Roadbed
307 Permeable Bases 308 In-Place Cement Treated Base Course
401 Aggregate Surface Course 402 Traffic Maintenance Aggregate
403 Aggregate Roadway Surfacing 502 Superpave Asphaltic Concrete Mixtures
504 Asphaltic Tack Coat 505 Asphaltic Prime Coat
506 Asphaltic Curing Membrane 507 Asphaltic Surface Treatment
508 Stone Matrix Asphalt 509 Cold Planing Asphaltic Pavement
510 Asphaltic Concrete Pavement Patching, Widening and Joint Repair    
601 Portland Cement Concrete Pavement 602 Portland Cement Concrete Pavement Rehabilitation
701 Culverts & Storm Drains 702 Manholes, Junction Boxes, Catch Basins & End Treatments
703 Underdrain Systems 704 Guard Rails
705 Fences 706 Concrete Walks, Drives and Incidental Paving
707 Curbs and Gutters 708 Right-of-Way Monuments
709 Steel Cattle Guards 710 Flowable Fill
711 RipRap 712 Revetments
713 Temporary Traffic Control 714 Sodding
715 Topsoil 716 Vegetative & Fiber Mulch
717 Seeding 718 Fertilizer and Agricultural Lime
719 Landscaping 720 Erosion Control Systems
721 Mowing, Trimming & Debris Collection 723 Granular Material
725 Temporary Detour Roads and Bridges 726 Bedding Material
728 Jacked or Bored Pipe 729 Traffic Signs and Devices
730 Electrical Systems 731 Raised Pavement Markers
732 Plastic Pavement Markers 733 Concrete Roadway Barriers
734 Rubblizing Portland Cement Concrete Pavement 735 Mailboxes and Mailbox Supports
736 Traffic Signals 737 Painted Traffic Striping
738 Mulch Sodding 739 Hydro-Seeding
802 Structural Excavation and Backfill 803 Sheet Piles
804 Driven Piles 805 Structural Concrete
806 Reinforcement 807 Structural Metals
808 Steel Grid Flooring 809 Movable Bridges
810 Bridge Railings and Barriers 811 Painting and Protective Coatings
812 Treated Lumber 813 Concrete Approach Slabs
814 Drilled Shaft Foundations 815 Welding
901 Portland Cement Concrete    

Part II - Maintenance Sampling Procedures
Part III - Sampling Procedures
S 101-03.pdf
Aggregates and Aggregate Mixture30 KB
S 102-03.pdf
Mineral Filler, Portland Cement, Fly Ash and Hydrated Lime17 KB
S 201-03.pdf
Asphaltic Materials21 KB
S 203-03.pdf
Asphaltic Mixtures23 KB
S 301-99.pdf
Sampling Fresh Concrete16 KB
S 303-99.pdf
Water15 KB
S 401-99.pdf
Sampling Soils20 KB
S 501-99.pdf
Metals26 KB
S 601-99.pdf
Miscellaneous Materials18 KB
S 602-99.pdf
Automotive Fluids, Lubircants and Solvents17 KB
S 604-99.pdf
Paints and Thinners19 KB
S 605-99.pdf
Using Random Number Tables29 KB
S 606-99.pdf
Adhesive for Raised Pavement Markings22 KB
S 607-99.pdf
Raised Pavement Markers18 KB
S 608-99.pdf
Traffic Paint and Glass Beads23 KB
S 609-99.pdf
Preformed Plastic Pavement Markings (Cold Applied Tape)19 KB
S 610-99.pdf
Thermosplastic Compound (Hot Applied Pavement Markings)20 KB
S 611-99.pdf
Joint Sealant24 KB
S 612-03.pdf
Asphalt Anti-Strip Additives and Concrete Admixtures18 KB
S 613-03.pdf
Erosion Control Systems22 KB
S 614-99.pdf
Geotextile Fabric18 KB
S 701-05.pdf
Independent Assurance Sampling and Testing Program47 KB
S 801-99.pdf
Source Approval, Sampling and Testing Program for Recycled Portland Cement Concrete31 KB