Laboratory Units - Testing Equipment Unit

 Calibration and Repair

The Testing Equipment Calibration and Repair unit performs inspections and calibrations to ensure continued compliance and performance, as well as any needed maintenance, repair, or reconditioning work to all of the testing equipment used throughout DOTD.

The unit coordinates the statewide use of nuclear density and moisture equipment to ensure proper storage and operation in accordance with the U. S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission and the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality, Radiation Protection Division regulations. This includes the repair, calibration, and annual inspections of over 100 DOTD nuclear devices for general physical condition, conformance to safety regulations, and adequate posting of radiation awareness and caution signs. Personnel perform leak tests on all radioactive sources every 6 months, issue over 400 nuclear radiation film badges to qualified personnel using the equipment, and monitor and submit quarterly reports of radiation dosages of exposed employees.  


Equipment and Supplies

The Testing Equipment Unit ensures that all testing equipment used by the department meets NIST, ASTM, AASHTO, and DOTD standards and requirements.

In meeting the department's challenges, present and future, staff members recommend equipment type and capability upgrades.  They write the specifications for the purchase of testing and laboratory equipment.  They inspect, approve, and conduct initial calibration and installation of newly purchased equipment.


The unit coordinates the statewide Testing Equipment Management Program to ensure that the most efficient use of DOTD testing equipment is maintained and upgraded to a state-of-the art level.  This program provides guidelines for preventive maintenance, purchasing, documentation for calibrations, testing equipment replacement, and the method for requesting repairs and calibrations.

This unit operates a statewide warehouse that provides testing and sampling equipment and supplies, not only to the Materials and Testing Section, but to all District Laboratories and project engineering units.  This entity charges the unit with the responsibility of maintaining adequate on-hands quantities of laboratory supplies; including minimum and maximum inventory level recommendations; preparing specifications and purchase requisitions for commodities; proper coding and data entry; and receiving, inspecting, and approving all inventory for specification compliance.  In addition, the unit performs two annual inventories of movable equipment and warehouse.


Internal Profilers 

The Testing Equipment Unit coordinates and performs DOTD'S annual profiler certification of over 30 internal profilers.  The unit has become a resource for DOTD Project Engineers by providing profiling services for construction jobs, troubleshooting and data analysis assistance, independent assurance testing, and training of the latest updates in profiler technology and analysis software.  The unit offers data collection and analysis assistance for unique areas explored by DOTD.  The Testing Equipment Unit also acts as a 3rd party mediator for conflict resolution.