Laboratory Units - Soils Aggregate Unit

Aggregate Testing Lab

The Aggregate Testing Laboratory is responsible for source approval of all aggregates submitted for use by DOTD and for maintaining the Department's AML on approved aggregate sources. The laboratory also aids DOTD Districts in quality assurance testing of certain aggregates, such as stone, fly ash, slag and synthetic aggregates, performs studies on potential uses of aggregates, and performs on-site geological evaluations of quarries for source approval.

Basic testing performed by the Aggregate Testing Laboratory includes determination of frictional properties, durability, absorption properties, specific gravities, moisture-density relationships, unit weights, and compaction factors.

Soils Mechanics Lab

This laboratory tests samples from soil borings obtained by soils exploration crews to determine foundation conditions for bridges, radio towers, and other structures.

The primary tests conducted on soil cores are unconfined compression, triaxial compressive strength and consolidation. This lab also conducts direct shear, permeability, resistivity, specific gravity, and special strength testing on other soil materials.

Soils Physical Testing Lab

This laboratory tests soils and related materials used in the construction and maintenance of transportation facilities. It performs most of the classification tests on the soil samples obtained from the deep foundation borings. It also provides support testing for the Soil Mechanics and Aggregate Testing Laboratories. Some of the tests run include mechanical analysis, Atterberg limits, moisture-density relationships, and compaction factors, pH values, and organic content. Additional functions include sieve analysis of aggregates, molding and breaking cement-treated specimens to determine required cement content, and evaluation of new soil or base course related products. Data, recommendations, and reports are generated based on test results.

Personnel from this laboratory are also assisting in the evaluation of erosion control products for the Department's AML on approved erosion control products.

About The Soils Aggregate Unit

The responsibilities of this unit include testing and analyzing soils and aggregates in order to provide foundation design data and evaluation of materials for suitability for their intended use on DOTD road, bridge, and other projects. Data is compiled and reported on Soil Boring Logs which become part of the general construction plans for the project. Other materials are reported in Site Manager Materials.