Laboratory Units - Materials Qualifications Unit


A principal function of the Materials Qualifications Unit is the coordination, development, revision, and publication of DOTD sampling and testing procedures, and is responsible for compiling all data required for the production of the Materials Sampling Manual(s) and Testing Procedures Manual(s). 

All of the above noted Materials and Testing Section manuals are used daily by Departmental personnel, as well as other governmental agencies, contractors, consultants, and product manufacturers and suppliers. The Materials Qualifications Unit maintains a distribution list of thousands of publication recipients. Manuals are available to the public for a nominal fee and published on-line. 

The Materials Qualifications Unit serves as the coordinator of the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) Accreditation Program for the state, and participates in the AASHTO Materials Reference Laboratory (AMRL) and the Cement and Concrete Reference Laboratory (CCRL) proficiency testing programs. The LA DOTD has the honor of being the first state laboratory to acquire national accreditation status through this federal program. The accreditation status must be renewed annually.

The Materials Qualifications Unit is also responsible for the development, implementation, administration, and maintenance of the Section's Structured Training Program, including the publication of the Structured Training Program Manual. Responsibilities include the input and maintenance of the Materials and Testing Section's portion of DOTD's (computer-based) Education and Training System (ETRN), administering and grading all unit course tests and performance evaluations, scheduling all classes, courses, and examinations with LTRC and the Safety Section, input of employee training records, and verification of same for program compliance and qualification for promotions, reallocations, and merit increases.

Also published and maintained other policies and procedures pertinent to the operation of the Materials and Testing Section.

Other functions of the Materials Qualifications Unit include serving as liaison for the DOTD mainframe computer system, ordering and distributing ASTM and AASHTO Qualifications for DOTD, maintaining other state's specifications and materials manuals, and performs other related duties.    Duties also include updating statewide forms and posting most current on line. 


The Materials Qualification Unit is also responsible for maintaining all New Product Evaluation submittal files and correspondence between vendor and evaluator.  Also coordinates the quarterly meeting to allow vendors to make their product presentation to the Committee.