DOTD Environmental Policy

It is the mission of the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development to ensure that our customers those who live, work, and travel in Louisiana have a safe, efficient, and environmentally sound transportation system. 

It is our goal to provide an environmentally sound transportation network and protect, preserve, and enhance Louisiana's cultural and natural resources, many of which are unique to our State.

We will ensure that transportation and water resource projects are compatible with environmental concerns and considerations, and done in the spirit of cooperation with our public and private partners through information sharing and mutual involvement. We are committed to the meaningful involvement and fair treatment of all people.

It is our policy to evaluate environmental consequences, both to the natural and to the human environment (including impacts to the community), and promote compatible solutions in serving the transportation needs of Louisiana.

We are committed to balanced decisions by providing a holistic evaluation of departmental actions to provide our customers with a quality transportation system that is safe, cost-effective, environmentally sound and one of the best in the nation.


Kam K. Movassaghi, Ph.D., P.E.
Blaise M. Carriere, P.E.
Deputy Secretary
John P. Basilica, Jr.
Undersecretary for Management and Finance
Roderick E. Dillon, Jr., P.E.
Chief Engineer
Curtis G. Patterson, P.E.
Assistant Secretary for Public Works and Intermodal Transportation
William H. Temple, P.E.
Assistant Secretary for Operations
Eric I. Kalivoda, Ph.D., P.E.
Deputy Assistant Secretary for Planning and Programming