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Leadership by DOTD
ITS is a national initiative aimed at using state-of-the-art technology to increase the safety and efficiency of Louisiana's highway systems. As a leader in this effort, DOTD, teaming with the state's Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs), local governments, and private partners, has made significant progress in the initiation of both state and regional ITS systems. The opening of the Baton Rouge Advanced Traffic Management and Emergency Operations Center (ATM/EOC) is a landmark accomplishment that demonstrates the progression of cooperative partnering and working "outside-the-box" to improve conditions on the state's highways.

DOTD's ITS Activities

Consensus Building
Leading an ITS steering committee that brings together federal, state, MPO, public, and private sector stakeholders to assure system implementation targets needs.

Systems Engineering & Integration
The implementation of a statewide Louisiana Transportation Information System (LaTIS), that will connect regional Traffic management centers (TMC) in New Orleans, Lafayette and Shreveport with a statewide ATM/EOC in Baton Rouge for regional and statewide traffic/emergency operations. The TMCs will work jointly to detect incidents, communicate information to motorists and improve traffic flow.

Commercial Vehicle Operations
ITS will facilitate truck travel and goods movement throughout Louisiana's highways, ports and railheads, utilizing weigh-in-motion systems and traveler information systems.

Motorist Assistance Patrols
Operating MAP Patrols and Incident management in metropolitan areas to assist stranded motorists and quickly clear lane blocking accidents and breakdowns to restore normal traffic flow on the interstates.

Procurement of Technology
Developing standards for ITS devices (Dynamic Message Signs, Traffic Surveillance Cameras, Traffic Signals and Highway Advisory Radio) to ensure seamless operations and seeking innovative purchasing methods to quickly procure current technology while conserving public funds.

The ATM/EOC is located on Harding Blvd south of the Baton Rouge Airport. This Traffic management and emergency operations center is unique in that it is the only center in the nation that houses the 911 operations of Police, Fire and emergency services as well as the function of Traffic Management and emergency preparedness and response, in a single location.

The ATM/EOC is the result of a collaboration between the FHWA, Louisiana DOTD, Baton Rouge City and Parish agencies, State Police, Sheriff and United States Coast Guard. In the event of emergencies all agencies involved will work together to ensure the safety of Louisiana's citizens and the efficient movement of emergency operations and evacuations.

The Baton Rouge ATM/EOC is currently utilizing the Management Information System for Transportation (MIST®) to manage the freeway system in Baton Rouge. This system provides the ability to control the 8 cameras displayed on the web page as well as the radar vehicle detectors; which, provide congestion information. The Baton Rouge system still in its infancy stage, is slated for incremental expansion to eventually cover 100% of the freeway system in Baton Rouge.

Traffic Cameras
There are currently 8 traffic cameras deployed along Interstate 10 and 12, covering the freeway segments between Acadian Thruway and Airline Highway. The images provided to the ATM/EOC are live and are currently transmitted via a quarter T1 Line leased from Bell South. Upgrades to the system will move the communications medium to optical fiber substantially increasing the quality of the video.

Remote Traffic Microwave Sensors (RTMS) also know as Radar Vehicle Detectors (RVD) are currently the detection device of choice in the Baton Rouge area.

These detectors deliver updated volume, speed and occupancy measures every 30 seconds via the MIST® system. The detectors allow the system to generate congestion information to system operators and the public via the web page congestion map.