05. Existing Safety Analysis


    • Submitted at the same time as the Existing and No Build Analysis
    • Coordinate with Safety Section to obtain authorization for crash database
    • Obtain crash history for the three (3) most recently approved years
    • Analysis must include all crash types, not just vehicles. 

A. CATScan Tool  

  • ​used by scope writer for listing of crashes, to determine trends and compare to statewide averages 
B. Crash Report Documentation​
    1. Crash History (list of crashes)
    2. Corrected components of crashes
    3. Provide individual summary of crash report narratives
C. Collision Diagram (DOTD will approve year for detailed analysis diagram)​

D. Crash Analysis​ Summary

    • Explain results, patterns, trends and problem areas using results from A, B and C.

E. Existing Safety Analysis QA/QC Checklist


Deliverable: (needs DOTD approval to begin Alternative Analysis)

Appendix C - Existing Safety Analysis​​​​​​​​​