Storm Water Discharges From Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems (MS4)

Example of Illicit Discharges

 The following examples of illicit discharges depict pollution which contaminates surface waters. The source of such discharges could be located within DOTD's system of highways and bridges or it could enter DOTD property from some other location. As stipulated in its MS4 permit, DOTD is responsible for managing the water quality within the confines of its property. Illicit discharges subject to specific enforcement action by the LA DEQ are the responsibility of the Potential Responsible Party (PRP). The PRP could be DOTD or any party determined by the LA DEQ to be responsible for the discharge.


Routine outdoor washing and rinsing can cause illicit discharges.


Point-source discharge from a straight pipe.​


Common household items can cause storm water contamination if not disposed of properly.​


Example of significant flow


Colored discharge due to improper disposal of paint.​


Sudsy discharge due to detergent run-off.