Invoicing Guidance for Consultants, MPOs, and LPAs

To expedite the invoicing process, please follow the guidance provided below.

    1. Submit invoices on the DOTD Standard Invoice Form for lump sum, cost plus fixed fee, specific rates (billable rates), and cost per unit of work which is available on this page.  The Retainer Summary Sheet, available below, may also be used, if and as needed.
    2. Invoice in accordance with the contract.  Do not add contract actions together when invoicing or break the contract actions apart. 
    3. Prior approval is required from the Consultant Contract Services Administrator if funding is switched within any phase.
    4. State rates for lodging, mileage and meals are used for all DOTD contracts may be accessed at PPM 49 - TRAVEL GUIDE - Louisiana Division of Administration (la.gov).
    5. Include the name of the prime and the name of the sub on the invoices according to the contract action and the percentage of work completed should be reflected on the project progress schedule. 
    6. Invoices that are submitted for work performed prior to commencement of the contract or beyond the contract expiration date will not be paid. 
    7. NOTE:  The 30 days for payment begins when a correct invoice is received by the Project Manager. If correction of an invoice is required, the 30 days begins when the corrected invoice is received by the Consultant Contract Services unit.  
    8. Each invoice must reconcile with the previous invoice.  Therefore, subsequent invoices will not be processed until the previous invoice is deemed correct.

Receiving the correct information, expedites the payment of the invoices. If you need additional information, contact Elaine Rougeau at (225) 379-1405 or email: elaine.rougeau@la.gov.



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