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 Please be advised that our office can no longer accept Special Annual Permit applications via Fax or Email, you will need to call into our office at  800-654-1433 or set a customer account using our LaGeaux Permit System. Please call for more information.

 ​Prepaid forms and Control forms can now be purchased online for immediate delivery via email.

Insurance will now be entered by customers or their permitting services.  See requirements below.

e are having phone difficulties.  Any questions or problems please email

  LaGeaux Oversize / Overweight Truck Permitting

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The State of Louisiana enacted new legislation for permitting classifications and permitting fees offered by LADOTD. These changes are defined in House Bill 217 - (Click on latest bill text)

 Notice: Per the requirements from Secretary Wilson, insurance changes have been made to Oversized and Overweight (OSOW) Permitting. OSOW truck loads seeking to operate in the State of Louisiana shall be required to present a certificate of insurance for a minimum of $100,000. The insurance certificates are required to be on file as of December 4, 2019. If you have any questions, please contact the Permitting Office at 800-654-1433 option 1. 

 Escort Vehicle Permits will expire each year on December 31st. regardless of start date.  They must also have proof of coverage for general liability insurance, motor vehicle liability insurance, and workers' compensation, each providing for a minimum of five hundred thousand dollars in coverage.(revised statue 387.1)



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